Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Enjoy Davao City – Places To Tour

Davao City is one of the top visited cities in the Philippines. Located at the southernmost major island, the city welcomes numerous local tourists and even foreigners doing side trips to different parts of the country.

You can do various ways to take pleasure in the city. Its attractions let you try numerous activities. Do the following activities and see the alluring side of this city found in the south.
  • City tour

As you arrive at the city, make sure to spend time getting around and explore its main attractions through city tours. City tours let you see the beautiful Orchid Garden, which the city is famous for, Lon Wah Buddhist Temple, Crocodile Park, and others. Davao is also famous for Durian, a type of fruit known for its unique stench yet having a delightful taste. 

The city has a Durian Candy Factory that you can visit if you are interested in the fruit and actual manufacturing procedures. These sites are accessible from the heart of the city and you can even ride public transportation to reach them.
  • Water rafting

Davao is also praised for owning the best rapids in the country. This reason alone is enough to attract rafters across the country. Spend several days in the Davao River area and see the gushing flow of river water that gained it its current tourism fame.
  • Island hopping

Davao also has numerous islands accessible from the city like the Samal Island. From the city, you need to travel to this island and enjoy either an inland trip or island hopping. Choosing island hopping tours will show you the exquisite Island Garden City of Samal as well as its tempting beaches. Snorkel around the coral reef areas and picnic groves.
  • Nature trips
This side of the country is famous for protecting their natural resources, making it an ideal place for nature trips. To start your nature trip, you need to travel from your hotel to the Eden Nature Park, which has the scenic sight of the Mt. Talomo. This green sight will surely please your eyes, especially if you’re a nature lover. From the park, you can visit the bird sanctuary where professionals take care of the Philippine Eagles, the known endangered species of eagles only found in the country. The Crocodile Park is also a recommended place if you are interested in wild animals like crocodiles. See them in large groups as well as the nursery where they take care of baby crocs.
  • Picnics

Going for a trip with your family? Why not bond together by having a picnic in one of the designated parks or even on the beach area. Have fun with your family without the formalities of joining an actual tour. While you are having your picnic, expect to see a lot of families conducting the same activity in the area.

Davao highlights many exceptional tourist destinations. Choose among these activities to have fun on your vacation whether you’re traveling alone or with a family member regardless of their age.

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