Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Enjoy Davao City – Places To Tour

Davao City is one of the top visited cities in the Philippines. Located at the southernmost major island, the city welcomes numerous local tourists and even foreigners doing side trips to different parts of the country.

You can do various ways to take pleasure in the city. Its attractions let you try numerous activities. Do the following activities and see the alluring side of this city found in the south.
  • City tour

As you arrive at the city, make sure to spend time getting around and explore its main attractions through city tours. City tours let you see the beautiful Orchid Garden, which the city is famous for, Lon Wah Buddhist Temple, Crocodile Park, and others. Davao is also famous for Durian, a type of fruit known for its unique stench yet having a delightful taste. 

The city has a Durian Candy Factory that you can visit if you are interested in the fruit and actual manufacturing procedures. These sites are accessible from the heart of the city and you can even ride public transportation to reach them.
  • Water rafting

Davao is also praised for owning the best rapids in the country. This reason alone is enough to attract rafters across the country. Spend several days in the Davao River area and see the gushing flow of river water that gained it its current tourism fame.
  • Island hopping

Davao also has numerous islands accessible from the city like the Samal Island. From the city, you need to travel to this island and enjoy either an inland trip or island hopping. Choosing island hopping tours will show you the exquisite Island Garden City of Samal as well as its tempting beaches. Snorkel around the coral reef areas and picnic groves.
  • Nature trips
This side of the country is famous for protecting their natural resources, making it an ideal place for nature trips. To start your nature trip, you need to travel from your hotel to the Eden Nature Park, which has the scenic sight of the Mt. Talomo. This green sight will surely please your eyes, especially if you’re a nature lover. From the park, you can visit the bird sanctuary where professionals take care of the Philippine Eagles, the known endangered species of eagles only found in the country. The Crocodile Park is also a recommended place if you are interested in wild animals like crocodiles. See them in large groups as well as the nursery where they take care of baby crocs.
  • Picnics

Going for a trip with your family? Why not bond together by having a picnic in one of the designated parks or even on the beach area. Have fun with your family without the formalities of joining an actual tour. While you are having your picnic, expect to see a lot of families conducting the same activity in the area.

Davao highlights many exceptional tourist destinations. Choose among these activities to have fun on your vacation whether you’re traveling alone or with a family member regardless of their age.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Head to Davao City with Sampaguita Inn

Are you planning to visit and have fun in Davao city but has a very tight budget? First concern that will storm your mind is your Travel fees. Though your travel; fees may be negotiable because roaming around Davao doesn't really require you to ride a taxi and a jeepney since everything can be reached anywhere downtown.

Your second concern could be your Food, of course you really have to try Davao’s amazing and delicious delicacies so that may really make you spend some money. But the biggest concern among many travelers and tourists is the Accommodations. You don’t want to end up sleeping in the streets, right?

Since Davao is a prosperous city, their success also allows you to get the best accommodations in a very tight budget. One of the most famous cheap yet very cozy hotels that anyone would love to stay in their visit in this dynamic and beautiful city.

Sampaguita Tourist Inn provides good hotel accommodations that are open to local and tourist guests. Aside from its very attractive price, it is also considered as one of the largest hotels in Davao wherein you get to choose and enjoy 108 rooms open for visitors. You don’t have to worry about their services and amenities because even though they are not that expensive; they still provide their customers total satisfaction. 
To know more about the hotel, here are the following room rates and accommodations waiting for you:

* Non-air-conditioned with toilet & bath and TV - $6.82 / Php300.00
* Non air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $7.95 / Php350.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, and TV - $11.36 / Php500.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $12.50 / Php550.00

* Non air-conditioned with toilet and bath, and TV - $8.52 / Php375.00
* Non air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $10.23 / Php450.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, and TV - $12.50 / Php550.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $13.64 / Php600.00

* Non air-conditioned with toilet & bath, and TV - $11.36 / Php500.00
* Non air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $12.50 / Php550.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, and TV - $15.91 / Php700.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $18.18 / Php800.00

Family Occupancy
* Non air-conditioned with toilet & bath, and TV - $14.77 / Php650.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, and TV - $25.00 / Php1100.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, and TV - $27.27 / Php1200.00
* Air-conditioned with toilet & bath, hot shower, TV, coffee table, and sofa:
Single - $14.77 / Php650.00
Matrimonial - $18.18 / Php800.00
Double - $19.32 / Php850.00
Triple - $27.27 / Php1200.00
Family (Good for 4 persons) - $34.09 / Php1500.00

If you are planning to travel and head to Davao City, then Sampaguita Inn is your best partner for excellent accommodation. You can always visit the hotel at Mt. Mayon Street or call (082) 227-2958. You don’t have to worry about its location because the hotel is located near the city’s popular spots.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Top 4 Restaurants You Will Love in Davao

If you can choose the best restaurant to offer you unique and incredibly Davao and international flavors, then you should check your list and see if these restaurants are there.

These four names of restaurants in Davao are well known as the top most popular restaurants in Davao provides authentic and foreign feel to make you comfortable or at home in Davao. Many people prefer these restaurants because of their excellent service and the food that will not put your tummy hanging into thin air. If you want to try Davao Food with delight and total satisfaction, try these restaurants and you will surely love to stay in Davao City longer.

Bon Appetit! La Boutique

If you want to try an authentic French delicacy straight from the metro of Davao, then you should have a taste of the great menu of Bon Appetit! La Boutique, a one of a kind French restaurant situated in the heart of the city. Located in Plaza Del Carmen, Loyola Street, Obrero, its tasty and incredible food makes you travel from the Philippines straight to the versatility of France. Their menu include Quiche Lorraine (Savory Pie with Air Dried Bacon & Gruyère Cheese), Quiche au Thon (Savory Pie with Tuna & Gruyère Cheese), Crêpe Sarrasin (Buckwheat Crepe with Fried Egg, Ham & Gruyère Cheese), Croque-Monsieur (Hot Sandwich with Ham and Gruyère Cheese).

Claude's Le Cafe de Ville

Just like Bon Appetit! La Boutique, Claude's Le Cafe de Ville also serves French cuisines but what makes it an exciting restaurant is that the French cuisines works hand in hand with Mediterranean dishes. Aside from their delectable dishes, the ambiance of the restaurant’s location itself is very enticing and can make you feel like home. It is very silent and gives you peace as you eat. This restaurant is located at 29 Rizal Street, Paseo de Habana, Davao City.

De Bonte Koe

If you could only search deeper on the hearty of the city, you’ll discover this amazing Dutch restaurant that gives you comfort and elegance as you dine with them. Still located inside the Habana Compound of Rizal Street, De Bonte Koe offers great dishes such as grilled pork and rib cuisines that will make you drool from the taste down to its presentation.


If you are up to good food that makes your life sweeter, never miss eating at Lachi’s. Aside from their signature dish which is the Sans Rival, they also offer main dishes and other sorts of desserts. They have Callos, Crispy Lechon Kawali, Crispy Lechon with Tartar Sauce and other authentic Filipino Cuisines. It located in Ruby Street in Marfori Heights Subdivision of Davao City.

Aside from these restaurants, there’s a wide array of restaurant choices that you can find across Davao. Each restaurant is made with different specialities and it is up for you which one will best give your preference.

You can check for other list for the top restaurants in Davao by clicking this link.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Things to Do in Davao

Even though Davao has become strict in its nightlife, travelers that love to indulge in adventures find a lot of ways to enjoy their stay here in Davao.

As a highly urbanized city, aside from one of the successfully thriving metropolitan in business, entertainment and leisure, Davao is a safe haven. Yes, not only the locals do love staying for good here in Davao but as well a lot of people and even celebrities have invested residencies here. A melting pot of diverse culture and home of beautiful indigents, the people here live in harmony and peace.

So, what are the great things to have fun here when you are in Davao?

1. Davao’s uptown and downtown area are home to established malls. The biggest malls are also found here like Abreeza Ayala Mall, Gaisano Mall of Davao, SM City Ecoland, SM Lanang Premiere, Robinsons and Victoria Plaza.

2. Groove your way to the most rave bars in Matina Town Square, Rizal Promenade and F. Torres Street. Booze and hype up music will definitely fit your party animal instinct.

3. Hang out with your family and friends at The People’s Park, Museo Davaoeño, Ponce Suites and even coffee shops and bistros in town.

4. Eat out like a cowboy at many sinugba and grill restaurants like Luz Kinilaw, Banoks, Times Beach resort restaurants.

5. If you are a health buff and do not want to break your health and fitness routine, we have the finest gyms and spa like Metrolifestyle, Holiday Gym and Spa and Smashville.

6. Enjoy dining while listening to the music jives being played by local artists like Jack’s Ridge, Soundbox Bar, Calle 5. Victorianos are among others.

7. If Nature getaway is your bet then Eden Resort Park, Outland Adventure, Gap Farming Resort, Japanese Tunnrl, Philippine Eagle Center, Loleng Resort and Malagos Garden Resort are the best place to visit to. To chill out and relax your mind from the buzzing city.

8. Bask under the radiant beauty of Mr. Sun as you enjoy being kissed by its rays at Davao’s finest beaches and resorts. Sail and stay at Samal island and obviously this island is a resort farm because locals and tourists will find a lot of resort privately owned but can be rented and some are public resorts too. No one misses the beauty of this island.

9. Have a chance to visit the neighboring provinces like Digos, Mati, Bukidnon, Marilog and a lot more where you can be enthralled with its majestic beauties. All natural beauties from trees, mountains and beaches.

10. No one will ever miss to taste the sweetness of Durian. Yes, whether you are a durian lover or not, aside from the candies, tarts, shakes, you can have Durian treats and delicacies.

You see, Davao really offers good life not only to fellow Davaoeños but as well to many people.

Friday, May 31, 2013

What’s So Great about Tuna Kinilaw?

When you go to the Philippines especially in Mindanao and you wish to try the unique delicacy of the place, Tuna Kinilaw will always be a top-notch recipe that has been a favorite among locals and foreign visitors across time.

Tuna Kinilaw can be tasted in Davao City, General Santos City or any place in the Philippines where abundant supply of fresh tuna are available. This is a raw Tuna fish meat that is soaked in vinegar and lime juice and doesn't need to be cooked for it to be eaten.

These delicacies which other consider as a sort of an appetizer have contributed greatly to the classic element of Filipino food. So what is so great about Tuna Kinilaw? Here are some of the best reasons why Tuna Kinilaw is a total dining favorite and why many people go craving for it.

  • Easy to Prepare 

 If you wish to make your own version of Tuna Kinilaw, you can actually do whatever you like as long as you followed the basic steps in preparing the main ingredient, the Tuna fish meat. By soaking the cubes of tuna meat in Vinegar and Lime juice, you can now easily add any fresh ingredients such as cucumber, chili, bell pepper or any ingredients that you think would fit well with the preparation and presentation.

 Just make sure that the Tuna you are using is freshly sliced because if it is not fresh, your tongue will fill itchy and you can taste some unnecessary flavor. The acidity of the vinegar will be responsible in cooking the meat thus giving you less time to prepare and more time to have fun.

  • Good Appetizer

Aside from its easy preparation, Tuna Kinilaw is also a very good appetizer. Once you have started eating it, your mouth will be craving for more and your other set of food will be enhanced because of its salad characteristics. That’s why many people require having a Tuna Kinilaw on the table along with other viand as it will help make your stomach lively as you are eating.

  • Good for the Health 

 Since the primary ingredient of this delicacy is Tuna, rest assured that you will not only get good flavor but also health benefits. Tuna meat is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids which are a good supervisor in making your heart in good condition thus keeping you away from unnecessary blood clotting and heart attacks.

  • Presentation 

In presenting the salad, you can do whatever you prefer to make the plating of Tuna Kinilaw presentable. Some people prefer to make it simple looking just by mixing it while others prefer to put some other ingredients to add to the color of the presentation.

  • Served in Any Occasion 

Tuna Kinilaw is not like other delicacies that will only be served in some specific occasions. Tuna Kinilaw can be eaten even if you are only having a beer night with your friends and some even eat it for some simple dining. But of course, since it is the people’s favorite, Tuna Kinilaw is also present in very big occasions.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Great Things About Davao

Many of us are unlikely to stay more than a few days in Davao City. Many people believe that there are only few things that you can find interesting in its locality. Having that said, majority of tourists from across the globe would put the city least on their travel itineraries.  

One thing that people forget is that recognizing a certain spot is not about the view and the people alone. There are significant things that should be considered when it comes to choosing your ideal tourist destination. Let’s try to dig deeper on the essence of real tourism; have you experienced something mind blowing in the place? Have you seen some strange things that give you total momentum? How about having a one of a kind experience that is unique in the place? With all those qualifications mentioned, there’s no doubt Davao City is a total spot to spend with.  

Aside from the peaceful and clean characteristics of tourism in Davao, there’s something great and strange that you can find as you roam around not only on the downtown city but also among the county sides and inner attractions.

  • Ponce Suits

If you can’t take the sweat dripping adventure and is seeking for comfort in the midst of the city’s creativity, then try to take a stroll at the Ponce Suits. If you think this is just an ordinary museum, then you are definitely wrong. Ponce Suits is a hotel and restaurant establishment created by the fine and artistic hands of one of Philippine’s most promising artists. 

Kublai Milan established the hotel not only for the sake of the people’s comfort and hospitality but also to showcase his works of arts. This hotel is considered one of the strangest looking hotels in the world with its world-class amenities that will surely make you wow. From the ceiling, to the walls down to the floor, you can see full-scale art gallery wherein majority are made from recycled materials.

  • Gap farm

If you ask any Davao citizen, you’ll know that they are pretty familiar about Gap Farm. This theme park is considered one of the oldest and the strangest parks ever existed in Davao City. Aside from the greeneries and fruit farm that occupies the whole place, you can also find a hill full of Statues that presents Monsters and Hideous Creatures that reflects Filipino folklore and myths.

  • Japanese Tunnel

The Japanese Tunnel is a treasured place that will show you the Tunnel made by Japanese soldiers during their occupation in the city during the 40’s. It was an amazing attraction that would make you duck and breathe along your visit to complete the long and strange labyrinth of warfare.

  • The Durian

Aside from those strange attractions, here’s one thing that does not only presents tourism in Davao but will also tell you that indeed the place is filled with strangeness in a most interesting way. Durian is the kind of fruit that has a very unlikely odor but considered a favorite among people not only in Davao but across the world. Can you imagine yourself eating something with a strange smell? 

Maybe you should try eating one now!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Have Sherbet Dates in Davao’s Finest Ice Cream Parlors

Summer or not, Filipinos love the heavenly taste of “sorbetes” or ice cream. This sweet and cold delight has been part of our lives; birthdays, anniversaries or even just a simple day. Indeed, ice cream can be enjoyed by everyone.

Davao City, apart from being the hub of business and leisure, it also houses good chill out place none other than ice cream parlors. As the metro is known for being the durian capital of the Philippines, many local and foreign businessmen have invested to establish ice cream parlors here. Like any other southeast asian nations, Davao has its version of durian ice cream and these parlors even made a twist to its distinct flavour.

So, when you come to Davao, better make sure to visit the city’s finest ice cream parlors and of course, our very own durian ice cream.

Fiorgelato Ice Cream

Produced by Milkin Corporation, Fiorgelato opened up its first franchise here in Davao at Victoria Plaza. The delectable ice cream was made 100% of pure Italian ingredients. Now, it has opened stalls at Gaisano mall and SM City.

Mochi: Japanese Ice Cream

We know that all of us have heard about Japan’s sweet ice cream delight, the mochi or better known also as ice cream cake. This foreign delight have definitely fit the Filipino palate.

Mochi is a sweet, round-shaped ice cream (more like a cold hopia) coated in sticky colorful rice. It is a traditional dessert served in various Japanese occasions. Ingredients used in making these heavenly dessert are all pure and all of it are infused with varied flavours.

The sticky rice covering the ice cream do not only add flavour but it keeps the ice cream being covered inside to have longer time to melt. Mochiko at SM Annex Ecoland is one of the stores that sells these mochis.

Ice Giants

Hail! Iceberg has come to town...just kidding. Ice Giants is the perfect place to go to when heat is extreme, even when it’s not summer. Eat your heart out together with friends and loved ones as you happily devour gargantuan servings of ice cream delights. Yes, the ice cream parlor is famous for serving different ice cream flavours especially Durian in a large bowl. Apart from that, the shop also serves solo sherbet delights that you can choose from their menu.

Gelato Mania

The taste from Italy has loved by many Davaoeños and with that, another Italian ice cream parlor was born, Gelato Mania. Located at F. Torres Avanceña Street, ATT Complex, it served fresh flavoured gelatos made by 2 Italian chefs. Moreover, these two chefs namely Cesare and Francesco are hands on in welcoming as well serving the customers coming in for a treat! Of course, as always, Durian gelato is always available.

Indulge yourself for a heavenly delight and come to Davao and have a sherbet date with your friends and loved ones.
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